Please Dear Lord…

Dear Lord,

Son of the One True GOD. Please look down on us and see in your infinite wisdom how the difficulties of our world can be resolved to reach the best outcome for all. On different levels we strive to justify our positions, whether religious, political, racial, sexual, and in general our moral convictions. Each feels strongly justified on the basis of environmental factors, upbringing, family and schooling. There is no doubt that each feels their have a GOD given right to their position, except those who deny your existence.

The populous world has too many people to solve these questions by war. The  potential loss of human life would be profound. In fact the weapons in hand are so destructive that nothing short of the will of GOD would survive such conflict.

We care about our families, our neighbors, our countries, and yet anger overrides love and our future is uncertain.

Please LORD, lead us down a road to peace. Help our world to prosper as you intended from the beginning.

Your will be done.

Douglas Goodall