WordPress gets a spin…

As my friends and associates will remember, my web site has gone through many changes over the years. From my hand made html 1.0 version to installation of the Gossamer Forum, I have striven to find the site type that would most effectively communicate my information. Needless to say, WordPress is a very popular application and I am giving it a spin to see if it is the right one.

I think the most valuable use of the internet is to exchange information between people, without regard to physical location. There are several kinds of information that I feel called on to share. Technical information of course because I have spend so much time with my head there. Other things are equally important, or more important. Popular wisdom says to avoid politics and religion, so I will have things to say about both.

Guests are welcome, but please be polite. Opposing beliefs are fine and discussion is valuable. Please don’t spam this site. Otherwise enjoy 🙂



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