Fun with DROBO5N

The Drobo5N data storage robot, in addition to safely storing your data, has a newly revised set of features that I think are very clever. Quite a few of the commonly used internet servers such as MySQL, WordPress and others, are available in pre-compiled form, ready to install and configure. More information can be found … [Read more…]

Python was a good choice to learn

I read in slashdot recently that python had overtaken Java as a popular programming language. It is nice to hear that. When I moved to Santa Maria in 2006, I recognized that python was turning up in interesting places and decided that should be on top of my things to learn list. Since then I … [Read more…]

WordPress gets a spin…

As my friends and associates will remember, my web site has gone through many changes over the years. From my hand made html 1.0 version to installation of the Gossamer Forum, I have striven to find the site type that would most effectively communicate my information. Needless to say, WordPress is a very popular application … [Read more…]